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Office Locksmiths Services in Melbourne

February 28, 2018

Offices in this city have special locking systems needs to ensure their security all throughout the year similar to other commercial buildings. Also, there are those times when re-keying is necessary, a need for new keys or just opening the doors since you left your keys at home or in the office if you are a manager or an owner. As a result, you should always turn to our professional company, Glenferrie Lock & Key P/L, to address your needs for office locksmith services in Melbourne. Refer to the following facts to learn what services we will provide you for your office.

Latest Locking Systems

We will guide you in the right direction for the latest locking systems available when you require a new one for your office. We keep watch over the technological advances in our industry to ensure we can introduce you to the best and securest that the market has to offer today.

Restricted Key Systems

Our company also specialises in restricted key systems in case you need one to provide different levels of access throughout your office. Systems such as these include a hierarchy of keys for various cylinder locks to allow only certain people to access certain areas of the office while not all of it. You will hold either the master or the grand master key depending on the setup and then the rest of the keys are designated according to your preferences.

We Will Open Locks for You When Necessary

Another service that we offer to offices in Melbourne is opening locks when the authorised key holder loses the key, or leaves the key at home or in the office. This happens more than you think if you doubt that you will ever need these services. On a regular basis, we answer calls of opening office locks for businesses.

Our Lock Re-Keying Services Keep Your Office Secure with Employee Changes

When a key-holding employee leaves for a different position in another company or another section of the office where they require different access, it is imperative to protect the office’s security by hiring us to re-key the necessary locks. You may require these services numerous times throughout the year, depending on your employee-turnover rate.

Contact us for further facts about our office locksmith services in Melbourne. We even will meet with you to analyse your needs fully before providing you with a quote of our services, especially for installing new lock systems in your office. With every project that we complete, we issue a guarantee of satisfaction. Our company also delivers services to homes, factories and other types of establishments.

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