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Office Rekeying and Lock Repairs

March 29, 2018

Offices contain so much electronic devices and important documents today that it is imperative to provide them with the best security possible through installing durable locks. However, no matter how durable your locks are there are times when you will need professional lock repairs to return them to full operational status. Also, with a turnover of employees on occasion and other reasons, you will need office rekeying services.

Reasons That Locks Malfunction and Need Repair or Replacement

  • Your locks can outlive their usefulness with time. They can work loose in the door or the tumblers can wear down to where the keys will not work properly or easily to unlock them. Either case may call for repair or possibly replacing the locks altogether.
  • Intruders can break your locks trying to break into your establishment. You may or may not need to replace the lock depending on the extent of the damage.

Rekeying Maintains Security with Employee Turnover

One important reason to rekey is when employees leave to work at another company. After all, once an employee leaves, he or she should not still have access to your office. Rekeying and reissuing keys is the solution for this situation to ensure that no ex-employees can enter into the office unlawfully.

Other Reasons for Rekeying

  • Employee turnover is not the only reason to rekey an office. Another reason is to set up a restricted key system. This system has various levels of access with keys to match each level. Also, there are master keys and even grand master keys depending upon your specific situation.
  • When you require new locks, they will need to be rekeyed to match the other ones to cut down on the confusion of which keys work for different areas of the office. Each key will open every lock after this type of rekeying.
  • When you lose your key, it is wise to rekey the locks in case an intruder finds it and knows it is for your office. Many office managers and owners overlook this reason to rekey their office locks. Do not be one of them for the sake of your security.

If you are located in or near Melbourne, Australia, Glenferrie Lock & Key P/L is your source for quality office rekeying and lock repairs or replacement. Our company is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association. We specialise in all aspects of locksmith needs for homes, offices and industries along with other public and commercial entities. Glenferrie offers only high-end security solutions and guarantee satisfaction with our products and workmanship.

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