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Office Security for the Modern Business

September 12, 2018

It is never too early to start considering all of the ways that you can improve the security of your business. Here at Glenferrie Locksmiths, we believe in providing our customers with the necessary tools needed to keep their offices safe and secure. A preliminary search on the internet shows a variety of different security measures for modern offices, but how can you choose? Today, we are going to highlight a few different security measures that business owners can take in order to ensure that their office is properly secured and inline with modernised standards. Let's dig into the important security measures that we can help with, today.

Effective Office Security for Your Business

Not only is it important for you to make sure that your office building is comfortable and easy to work in, you must also make sure to provide the proper security measures required to keep your property and your employees safe and secure. Fortunately, there are a variety of easy ways to increase the security of your office without breaking the bank. We're going to highlight the key security measures now.

  • 1) Restricted Key Access - Here at Glenferrie Locksmiths, we offer restricted key systems for use in your office. With this kind of security measure in place, there will be a hierarchy of keys based on the locks in your office. You can hold onto the Master Key which gives you access to every lock in the building. You can then assign the lower tiered keys as you see fit.
  • 2) Rekey Your Locks - Once multiple people have possessed a key to a lock, the lock itself becomes compromised. You cannot account for any key copies that might have been made when the key was out of your possession. Fortunately, we can rekey all of the locks in your office so as to give you a clean slate and a new foundation to build off of.
  • 3) Lock Upgrades - Finally, we can upgrade the locks in your office with an eye on modern technology. Whether you want upgraded traditional locks or the impressive new Smart Locking systems, we can be of assistance. Smart Locks are particularly effective for businesses who have frequent visitors to their location as key cards and special codes can be assigned as needed.

As you can no doubt see, there are a variety of effective ways to increase the security inside of an office. With Glenferrie Locksmiths on your side, you'll be able to address all of your office security needs as soon as they appear. Call us today in order to talk about any of the aforementioned security measures that we mentioned above.

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