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Post Construction Rekeying Benefits to Property Owners

June 27, 2018

Is there anything more important in life than making sure that your loved ones are safe and secure? When you move into a newly constructed home, you are doing so in anticipation of living in relative happiness and security. In order for this to properly happen, you have to spend time making sure that you engage in preventative security. While extensive security systems are all the rage right now, one of the best ways to make sure that your home is safe and secure is by making sure that your locks have all been properly rekeyed. Rekeying your locks can make a huge impact on not just your safety and security, but also your peace of mind.

The Benefits of Rekeying Your Locks after New Construction

When you buy a newly constructed home, the odds are good that you were involved in the entire process of the construction. You probably were active in deciding how your floor should be laid out and you likely even helped to implement a special security system. With all of that being said, why would you consider worrying about your locks after construction is finished? Well, there are plenty of reasons but chief among them is that you want to start living in your new home on a completely clean slate, and that means rekeying your home.

Rekeying a home does not mean buying new keys to use in the locks of your house. Instead, rekeying means taking a moment to manipulate all of the locks inside of your home. Rather than replacing the complete mechanisms, rekeying involves changing just the 'guts' of the lock. How does this work and what are the benefits? We're glad that you asked. Rekeying involves hiring a professional locksmith, such as any member of our team here at Glenferrie Locksmiths, in order to go in and change the tumbler on the lock. This changes the makeup of the luck and allows you to create a new set of keys that have never been used by anyone before -- not even the construction team that built your home. Now, let's look at a few benefits of rekeying your home today.

  1. Point of Entry Security - With a completely new set of locks, you'll be the ONLY person with keys that work in the locks.
  2. Peace of Mind - Knowing that you are the only person with keys to your home will help to alleviate a weight that you didn't even know you had resting on your shoulders.
  3. Sole Owner of the Master Key - Once you have the master key in your possession, nobody else can create a copy.

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