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The Importance of Business Premise Security During Off-hours and Shutdown

June 12, 2020

As the world faces the current health crisis, several businesses are now inclined to temporarily shut down for the purpose of getting every employee safe. For business owners, this situation may cost them a significant amount of revenue and sales. Employees, on the other hand, may find it difficult to sustain the daily cost of their living.

It can be difficult for business owners to just wait for everything to go back to normal. However, it would be more challenging if some intruders will successfully barge in their business premises and steal whatever equipment, products, or even money that are still present in the building.

Thus, your priority as a business owner must not only cover the welfare of you and your employees but must also involve the security and safety of your very own business premises. Giving adequate priority to the latter will, after all, ensure that you and your employees will have a place to go back to by the time this crisis ends. Fortunately, one way to maintain business premises control during off-hours and shutdown is to maintain effective security since it can bring the following benefits. 

Dependable Preventative Measures

An effective business premise security is typically comprised of a CCTV system, an intruder alarm system, an access control system, and a door lock system. The presence of these systems within your vicinity, as well as having access to them remotely, can deter most criminals from pursuing their horrendous intentions towards your commercial office, store, or factory.

Enhanced Protection of Assets

While some security systems are already installed within your premises, there are other systems that can help boost the level of protection for your property. These additional security systems are intended to keep your property and assets safe from being stolen during off-hours and shutdown. Additionally, they can provide additional protection to your employees once the business resumes.

Minimised Risk of Criminal Damages

Various types of criminal damages like vandalism and arson normally happen in buildings that may look like they are already abandoned due to the lack of visible security systems. Given the presence of alarms and cameras within your vicinity, you are guaranteed to have a building that is free from these types of damages even if your daily business operations are halted for the time being.

Easier Apprehension of Criminals

Despite the presence of security systems on your premises, there are some intruders and burglars who are still committed to doing their well-planned crime. Fortunately, your fully secured commercial establishment can easily access all the information needed by the authorities to identify and catch these criminals. With security systems, the apprehension of these criminals will be much easier.

All these benefits of a well-planned and high-quality business premise security can ensure your safety against criminals and others during off-hours and shutdown periods. If you want to have an effective business premise security, then feel free to call us at Glenferrie Locksmiths. We specialise in helping businesses and residents secure their premises with high-end security systems, providing hi-tech solutions to age-old problems.

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