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The Importance of Master Key System in Factories

May 25, 2017

Securing large buildings, or commercial compounds that consist of various sized buildings and structures typically found on factory properties, is a complex task. It is a task that requires competent organisational skills and serious planning to be able to properly secure rooms, working spaces, and restricted areas using locks and many keys to control and regulate the various levels of security access.

This requires managing not only various types of locking mechanisms, but also the job of constantly managing the issuing of keys, key replacements, rekeying of locks, and even making new keys whenever employees leave the company, or when keys are reported lost or stolen. Managing such a system for a large factory is often a full-time job, otherwise, the risk or error could cause a breach in security that can lead to theft, or unauthorised access, among other things.

Fortunately, a professional locksmith can help secure all types of buildings and work spaces found in factories, using a master key system. A master key system is ideal for large companies like factories to secure and regulate access to certain areas.

Master Key System for Factories is A Necessity

It is not uncommon for manufacturing facilities and factories to wrestle with the task of managing keys and locks, it can be costly having to constantly make new keys, rekey locks, and to maintain all the physical keys as employees and staff come and go. It is a lot of work, if a factory is not using a master key system. What makes a master key system different, compared to a standard one lock one key system?

If you are having a hard time keeping track of all your company’s keys, then a master key system is for you, it will make your job keeping track of keys to all locations of your factory much easier, by simply reducing the number of keys you have to manage. Basically, a master key system has four types of keys:

  • Great Grand Master
  • Grand Master
  • Master
  • Sub-Master

A master key system allows one key to open multiple locks, and it also allows you to create different levels of access to each lock. For example, the owner or general manager can have access to all locks and areas using the great grand master key, while managers will have limited access to their respected areas using grand master keys. Supervisors and trusted individuals in a certain departments or sections may be issued a master key, while standard employees have sub-master keys for access to their assigned working spaces.

In this way, using a master key system, factory owners and managers can create security access to meet their section’s specific needs. You can learn more about how a master key system can help your factory, by contacting a professional locksmith specialising in master key systems, such as Glenferrie Locksmiths, Melbourne.

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