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Your Basic Guide in Knowing the Different Types of Deadbolt Locks

March 21, 2018

While you may understand that deadbolt locks provide the highest level of security for your home or other type of building, you may not understand that there are different types of these available for your consideration. To ensure that you choose the right deadbolt model for your property, you should educate yourself further on the various categories of these locks. For this reason, we offer a basic guide on these locks in the following details.

Various Models of Deadbolt Locks

  1. Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Models are basic deadbolts that unlock and lock externally with a key. On the inside of the door, there is a metal latch that allows you to lock it once you enter your home or other structure. Since they are simple in nature, they may not be the best for a commercial establishment, though, or in locations where there is a high risk of break-ins. However, in a safe neighbourhood, they are the economical, secure choice for homes.
  2. Double-Cylinder Deadbolt Models are similar to single-bolt models except they need a key for locking and unlocking on both the exterior and interior sides of them. These models are best if you have glass in or near the door since intruders cannot simply break the glass and twist the latch to gain entrance.
  3. Keyless Deadbolts come in various designs and do not require a key. Instead of keys on these models, you use a numeric keypad and a code to lock and unlock the door. Certain models, though, may have a key slot and key to help you override the lock when necessary. An intruder would need to figure out the code before he or she could gain entrance, which is quite challenging and time consuming. As a result, these locks provide superior security. Locks such as these do require a power source such as electricity or batteries.
  4. Smart Deadbolts are similar to keyless deadbolts except for the fact that you can control them with your digital devices. Even when you are traveling or at work, you can double check to be certain that your doors are locked in your home or other structure.

For additional information about this basic guide on the different types of deadbolt locks, turn to Glenferrie Lock & Key P/L. We will help you learn further facts and select the right deadbolt for your specific situation. Our company also offers restricted key systems and lock re-keying services to homes, offices and factories in a quality, durable fashion. Your security is our main goal.

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