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4 Situations that Call for Replacing Office Locks

January 29, 2021

One of the places that require high-quality security is offices. Offices normally have numerous documents that must be secured all the time. They may even have some valuable possessions that are owned by employers and employees. Their day-to-day operations must also be kept confidential so that their respective competitors will not be able to get information that would compromise their performance.

Given the need to secure areas of an office, owners of the office or property should be able to add or remove locks whenever necessary. They must also call for lock replacements immediately during certain situations so that they can easily prevent any security breaches and issues.

Office lock replacements should be done immediately whenever the following situations take place.

Transfer to a New Location

If you are planning to move your main office operations to a new space, then you may want to have its locks replaced. The previous owners or tenants of that specific space may have already surrendered the keys, but there might be some people who still have access to the locks, which is not good for your business. Replacing the locks even before the transfer to the new office space is highly recommended so that the office doors can only be accessed by the people within your company.

Laid off Some Employees

When letting go of some employees, they are often asked to surrender all things that are owned by the company. One of these things is the key to the office. But despite having these keys surrendered, it is still essential for you to replace the locks so that former employees will not have any chance of entering the office without any authorisation. Whether they have left the company on good or bad terms, lock replacement must be done to ensure the safety of current employees and the protection of assets.

Presence of Broken Locks

Locks are normally made from dependable materials. But just like other products, they can still deteriorate over time. They may even obtain damages and malfunction due to repetitive use. If your office space currently has broken and faulty locks, then you must replace them immediately. Working with broken locks can pose problems in the future, especially if they suddenly do not function. These locks can lock the employees out of the office, or worse, allow intruders to break in easily.

More Modern Lock Upgrade

Your office locks may not have any damages or issues. However, there might be a lot of locks out there that are far more secured compared to your current office locks. Upgrading your locks into newer ones can be done to ensure that your office security can be beefed up tremendously. New locks also have more features that will not only enhance the security of the office but will also make the locking and unlocking experience much smoother and more convenient.

Replacing office locks due to the mentioned situations will help secure your business from possible issues and security threats. To obtain great locks for your office, just give us a call at Glenferrie Locksmiths.

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