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What are the Common Causes of Lock Failures and How to Avoid Them?

June 28, 2021

Regardless of the type of structure that you rent or own, one of your main goals is to keep it and your belongings in it safe and secure. One important way to accomplish this goal is to ensure that your door and lock will not fail in preventing intruders from entering into your structure. To make it easier to attain this goal, we offer you the following tips on avoiding lock and door failure at your home, office, industrial facility or other type of structure.

Choose a Well-Built Door and Lock

You must first select a well-constructed lock and door to prevent the combination from failing. Often times, poorly constructed elements such as these make it easy for intruders to break into a building or house. Locks should have deep-reaching bolts that reach far into the doorframe.

Ensure That the Lock Is Installed Correctly

Improper lock installation is another reason for lock and door failure. Always hire a professional to guarantee that your lock is installed in the correct manner for it to protect your property in an optimal manner. The locks should never be loose or difficult to operate, if they are, you need to call a locksmith to check into the reasons why.

Maintain the Door and Doorframe Properly

Another preventive to ensure that your door and lock does not fail is maintaining the door and doorframe to keep them in ideal condition to hold the lock parts securely. If they are cracking or showing wear in other ways, the lock will not be able to work in an optimum manner, and as a result, an intruder may simply kick down the door without much effort.

Replace the Lock When Necessary

As soon as you notice a lock showing signs of wear from daily use, you should replace it immediately. By doing so, you will ensure that your house or building stays secure on an ongoing basis.

Ensure That You Have the Right Model of Lock for Your Unique Needs

You have a multitude of choices today when it comes to door locks. For this reason, you must be careful and select the right model to fit your unique needs for security.

To learn additional tips and facts on how to prevent lock and door failure at your house or other type of building, contact Glenferrie Locksmiths. We specialise in locks and key systems for all sorts of properties from residential to industrial. Our company even will devise the ideal restricted key system when the need calls for it.

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