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Benefits of Using Digital Smart Locks for Your Melbourne Home

December 14, 2020

One key factor that must be considered thoroughly in designing and planning one’s home is its overall security. Homeowners should ensure that all the access points of their respective homes must be polished and will not cause any security concerns in the long run. They also make sure that their properties are equipped with security solutions that could provide excellent security and privacy.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that can effectively secure and protect one’s home from burglars and other similar groups of people. One of these ways would be the installation of digital smart locks. As the technology progresses, digital smart locks have now become much more versatile and functional, all without compromising their overall security and defence systems. If you are thinking of getting these locks, then here are some benefits that your Melbourne home can get from obtaining them.

Boosted Security

While door locks are generally designed to provide the needed security of properties, the level of security that you can obtain from digital smart locks is known to have increased significantly. With digital smart locks, every possible way of accessing them are digitally encrypted, which means that they cannot be broken or duplicated by anyone. So, if ever there are unauthorised people who might be attempting to access the locks, they may trigger a feature that would lock themselves automatically. And since you are the homeowner, you have the authority to either allow or prevent people from accessing the property. 

Keyless Access

Conventional locks rely heavily on physical keys. And if ever the keys were left inside the property or were lost, then access to the doors would be impossible. What is great about using digital smart locks is that they do not need physical keys just to access. Instead of physical keys, these locks can be opened through PIN or biometrics. A special type of cards can also be used in accessing and even locking the doors. All these alternatives to physical keys are known to be much more convenient since homeowners and their families do not have to worry about losing them.

Remote Updates

Since digital smart locks are normally connected to a secured network and server, you are granted to obtain updates to the status of your locks remotely. By downloading the complimentary app of your locks, you can easily know the last time your locks at home were locked or unlocked. In some cases, the locks can even be connected to other security systems so they can provide a real-time warning about possible burglary incidents. Aside from remote updates, digital smart locks likewise allow you to make some changes in their settings with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

If you want your home property to be secured, then just give us a call at Glenferrie Locksmiths. We specialise in helping residents and businesses secure their premises with high-end security systems, providing hi-tech solutions to age-old problems.

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