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Security Tips for Factories When Moving to a New Location

December 12, 2018

Relocating your business to a new location is rarely ever easy. Relocating an entire factory to a new building is even more difficult than a traditional business, such as a retail store. Warehouses are typically large buildings that are filled with valuable materials. As such, prioritising the security of your new warehouse location is of the utmost importance. While there are many routine ways to secure your property, such as with insurance and cameras, there are also other security methods that need to be explored. Today, we are going to be outlining some of the most important decisions you'll have to make when you move into your new warehouse.

Security Tips for Your New Factory

While moving to a new building can be exciting, it is also a decision that is fraught with potential security issues. If you own or manage a factory then you likely are well aware of the threat that break-ins and burglaries can pose. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to minimise your security risks and as long as you are proactive, they are simple to implement. Listed below, you'll find our top security tips for relocating into your new factory building.

1) Re-keying Your Locks - Unless the property that you are moving into is brand new, you're going to want to consider adjusting the locks on all of your entrances. Rekeying is the act of physically manipulating the pins inside of your locking mechanism so as to render old keys useless. With a professional locksmith, you'll be able to get new keys made for all of your employees. If you were to ignore rekeying your old locks, you'd never know who still had access to your building.

2) Upgrade Your Lock Mechanisms - While there is nothing wrong with an old school set of locks, there is a good reason to consider an upgrade. Technology has changed the world of locking mechanisms in a big way. From keyless entry to digital interfaces, you'll be able to find the right locking mechanism for your company. If you have to rotate keys out between employees or change security access, you might do well to focus on a digital locking mechanism.

3) Add a Security System - Last but not least, installing a new security system is of the utmost importance. Being able to monitor your property from a computer or mobile phone will help to greatly decrease potential break-in issues. Additionally, modern security systems can feed information directly to the local authorities so that you know that you are always protected when the time comes for you to need it.

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