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Four Most Efficient Ways to Ensure Bump-Free Locks from Glenferrie Locksmiths

September 13, 2021

Burglars use a new picking technique to make their way to our properties without us noticing. This technique known as lock bumping does not even have to use any excessive force to break our doors. Lock bumping is a picking technique that uses a bump key to align the pins of a cylinder lock. The bump key, or 999 key, is normally used by locksmiths for its intended purpose. But with the wrong hands, the bump key can be used to enter any properties without authorization from the owners.

Lock bumping is only effective with cylinder locks. However, many residential property owners are accustomed to using the said locks since cylinder locks are one of the most common locks in the market. Moreover, the lock bumping process only requires about 10 seconds to complete the whole process, making it dangerous to property owners who are always out of their homes.

With lock bumping, a burglar will insert the bump key into the lock. The burglar then uses a mallet or screwdriver to bump the inserted key. Consequently, this bumping action aligns the pins inside the lock. With a small twist of the key, the burglar can now open the door with ease. This whole process happens so fast that without any supplementary security system, the burglar can take your precious things in just a few minutes.

Four Most Efficient Ways to Ensure Bump-Free Locks from Glenferrie Locksmiths

Replacing your cylinder locks with bum-proof locks gives burglars a headache in picking the lock. These locks are sturdy and have additional security features like small unique marking near the keyhole, bolt with a ball bearing extension, and others.

Use Alternative Locks

Numerous door locks are now created to enhance property security. One of these locks is keyless deadbolt locks. These locks can be integrated with modern locking technology for added security. Another option for your lock is light commercial grade locks. These locks have a solid build quality and cannot be picked easily.

Choose Lock Guards

Lock guards can be helpful if you are inside the property. A flip guard can hold the lock and deadbolt in place that will prevent the burglar from picking the lock. One downside of this is that it can’t be unlocked from the outside.

Upgrade Your Security System

As a property owner, your security must not rely purely on the locks. Alarms, motion sensors, and security cameras are great options when enhancing your security since you can be notified right away if someone is trying to enter your property.

Clear Visibility

Together with locks and other security mechanisms, one effective way of improving your security is through clear visibility around your property. If your landscape is designed and lighted in a way where you can see all corners of your property, then it would be difficult for burglars to hide and plan an escape route once they attempt to break-in.

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