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Odds of Home Burglary and How Certain Locks Can Prevent It

January 13, 2021

Door locks are meant to enhance protection, safety, and security of home properties. However, some burglars and intruders are still capable of breaking the locks and committing crimes within the vicinity of the property, especially if the locks used are somehow easy to access. Alternatively, others can easily break into home properties due to their location, structure, and condition.

Probabilities of Home Burglary

Home burglary may happen in any type of properties. However, there are certain home property conditions and situations that would entice burglars and intruders to invade them more compared to other similar properties. 

For one, the chances of encountering home burglary would be higher if a house is located on a corner lot since it is more visible and accessible to burglars. Additionally, properties that are constructed near a major highway exit can be targeted by burglars and intruders. Houses that are located on a through street or near wooden area can also be pursued by the same offenders.

If your house is located in a wealthy neighbourhood, then you may want to fortify your security as burglars and intruders love to invade the said area. Being new to a specific area also puts you and your property to a greater risk of home burglary since burglars assume that you do not know any neighbours yet.

Preventing Burglary with Locks

Doorknob locks have been often installed in most home properties, especially on every exterior door. These locks have a keyed lock cylinder on the outside. A turning lever, on the other hand, can be found inside this specific lock. For burglars, opening these locks are easy since they can just pick them or destroy the door handle through a hammer or any similar object.

Fortunately, numerous lock options can be paired with these locks to prevent successful burglary attempts. First, deadbolts can be installed with these locks as they extend from the door into the doorframe whenever the locks are turned. Keep in mind that they can still be accessed if the door is located near the windows. 

Adding other types of door locks alongside your doorknob locks is also possible to enhance home security. Keypad locks can work similarly to doorknob locks, but what makes them special is that they can only be accessed with the correct code. A modern version of these locks has improved significantly as technology advancements are now being integrated to them.

Another set of items that can be used in preventing home burglary are bars, bolts, and chains. These physical barriers can back up door locks and prevent burglars from accessing them easily. They must, however, be treated as additional security measures only.

For additional tips on preventing home burglary, feel free to contact us at Glenferrie Locksmiths. We specialise in helping businesses and residents secure their premises with high-end security systems, providing hi-tech solutions to age-old problems.

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