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Know the Most Ideal Safe Lock Mechanisms from Glenferrie Locksmiths

August 24, 2021

If you have a safe in your home or have considered adding one in the future, you are likely concerned about security. It makes sense to have a safe place to stash your valuables. What doesn't make sense is paying for a safe that can't keep your items secure. As you no doubt know, all safes are not created equally. There are going to be safes on the market that seem impenetrable. There are also going to be safes that can be broken into by a criminal with just a little bit of skill. Today, we are going to showcase which locking systems are best for your future safe.

Best Locking System for Your Safe

It may seem odd to grade the locking system on a safe, but it is necessary. As we already mentioned, safes are not created the same. There are different locking mechanisms on each type of safe and this results in a dramatic array of outcomes when they are tested in adverse conditions. In order to make sure that your safe is the top of the line, you need to focus on the type of security that you are embracing. Let's outline a few of the most common locking systems for safes and why they should or should not be used.

Electronic Safe Locks

These digital locks are incredibly common and inexpensive. Typically, a safe will have a number pad and a key code. Similar to your PIN number, you can set up a code that you and only you will know. These safes are inexpensive, reliable, and durable. The problem with an electronic safe is most often going to be tied to a failure in the circuit board.

Biometric Safe Locks

If you want to feel the future with your fingertips, you can opt to upgrade your safe to a biometric safe. These locks register your fingerprint and require you to physically touch the screen in order for the safe to open. Unfortunately, these safes have a tendency to pop up with false negatives and false positives. As a result, they can be hard to trust.

Manual Safes

Finally, we have the most common type of safe security system: the manual safe. This style of safe security system consists of a spinning dial and a unique user code. As long as you remember the code, you can keep the safe secure.

The best type of security system will be the one that works for you. Some safes incorporate all three security systems that we outlined above. If you want to hear about what would work best for your home, contact our team here at Glenferrie Locksmiths.

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