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Is Your Front Door at Risk of a Break-in? Have it Checked by Professional Locksmiths

December 13, 2019

Believe it or not, break-ins can happen to any household. As a homeowner, however, you can put precautionary measures to prevent any possible successful break-ins. You might have installed a lot of CCTV cameras around the place to monitor the behaviour of some suspicious-looking people. You might have also installed a security alarm system that can notify you when forced unauthorised entry is detected.

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From Conventional to Digital Locks: Technological Evolution in Locksmithing

December 2, 2019

Locksmith services play a huge role in making sure that the locks of our properties are secured enough. Security has been the primary objective of lock makers when creating locks. Time after time, these locks go through a lot of advancements and transformations to enhance security features and other mechanisms that can make them effective and efficient.

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Lock Bumping: What is It All About and How Can This be Prevented?

November 22, 2019

If you believe that your property is secured enough, well, think again. Picking a lock may be impossible for the burglars to do these days, but they may have evolved since then. Security is perhaps the most important aspect that you must look into since we have possessions that can lure burglars to our properties.

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Understand the Latest Locking System Solutions and the Reasons Why You Need One

November 5, 2019

For a long time, the use of locks with physical keys is evident since it is the traditional way of securing one’s home or commercial property. However, a lot of burglary and break-in cases are reported every day with the culprit being a picked or destroyed lock.

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How Commercial Establishments Can Benefit from Hi-tech Locking Solutions

October 21, 2019

Security technology has significantly improved to cater to the consumer’s needs and preferences. Hi-tech locking solutions have gained popularity as more people seek to avail of a more reliable security system in their homes. Some commercial establishments such as - bars, restaurants, private offices, fitness clubs, oil rigs, retail stores, banks, and financial institutions, supermarkets, auto and boat dealerships etc, have done the same things. Here are the benefits of hi-tech locking solutions in commercial establishments.

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High-tech Solutions to Old Age Home Locking Problems: Contact Glenferrie Locksmiths

October 8, 2019

Owning or maintaining an old piece of property can come with its own challenges. While there is a lot to like about older homes, you still have to upgrade certain facets of the building. For our part, we want our customers to understand that there are high-tech safety solutions that older homes can be treated with.

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Locking System Upgrade: A Necessity When Expanding a Business Establishment

September 19, 2019

If you are expanding your business establishment, you will need to make some changes. One of the things you should change is your locking system. Glenferrie Locksmiths will be able to help you update your locking system so you can be sure that everything you are responsible for is safe. You can depend on our experienced locksmiths to use modern technology to keep your premises secure.

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High-end Security System for Your Business: Why Is It A Good Investment in the Long Run?

September 3, 2019

If you own a business, you want to make sure it is secure when you are not there. You want to keep valuable items and confidential information safe. Glenferrie Locksmiths can help you install a high-end security system. Our locksmiths will combine their expertise with modern technology to make sure everything on your business premises is secure.

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Why Rekeying Should not be Taken for Granted in Offices

August 22, 2019

When you work in an office, security should obviously be a priority. After all, the average office has to handle delicate materials, sensitive documents, and private information, not to mention the possible inclusion of cash on the property. In order to properly secure your office building while retaining flexibility, you should consider ordering rekeying services from a reputable locksmith.

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Ensure Maximum Security in Factories Using High-end Security System Products from Glenferrie Locksmiths

August 6, 2019

Factories are typically filled with important equipment and expensive supplies. As a result, it is of utmost importance that the building is secured when you are no longer inside of it. There are a variety of ways to maximise the security of your factory by embracing modern, high-end security systems.

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What are the Different Types Lock Cylinders?

July 18, 2019

From the outside looking in, a lock looks like a lock, right? While locks can look similar to one another, there are many differences that can be found within their mechanical bodies. In order to help proliferate a more full understanding of these mechanisms, we are going to be putting you through a crash course on lock cylinders.

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Residential and Commercial Safes: What are their Differences?

July 4, 2019

Everybody knows the importance of securing their personal belongings. Yet, business owners have to have the same priorities when it comes to handling their own sensitive documentation. The solution to both situations is to pursue the purchase of a high-quality safe. Having said that, residential and commercial safes both have very different requirements.

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Apartment Door Lock Security: Renters' Top-most Concern

June 17, 2019

As a renter, you feel like you are at the whims of your landlord with regard to your safety. Fortunately, this isn't entirely the case. While you no doubt have to follow certain rules and regulations, as laid out by your lease, you do still have the freedom to take your security into your own hands. If you are currently renting a home or apartment, you owe it to yourself to pay attention to your door lock security.

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Protecting a Business Begins with Optimising Your Door and Safe Locking Systems

June 4, 2019

As a business owner, it is your job to make sure that your property is completely secure. When your business does not feature optimised door and safe locking systems, you are putting everyone in your establishment at risk.

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Tips in Maintaining Maximum Security and Lock Accuracy in Ancestral Properties

May 17, 2019

A piece of ancestral property can mean a lot to a family. Not only is this property valuable for what it is, but it is also valuable for what it means to the homeowner in question.

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FAQ: What are the Features of a Smart Door Lock?

May 1, 2019

Home security has always been an important topic. When you own a home, you are personally in charge of maintaining the safety of what is inside. Unfortunately, home security can be complicated due to the fact that there are so many ways you can implement security features.

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How to Determine High Quality Locking-System for Safes

April 16, 2019

If you have a safe in your home or have considered adding one in the future, you are likely concerned about security. It makes sense to have a safe place to stash your valuables.

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Moving to a Pre-Owned House: Why Should You Consider Rekeying?

April 3, 2019

While moving to a new home can no doubt be exciting and rewarding, the process still comes with some requirements. In order to stay safe and comfortable while living in a pre-owned home, you need to take precautions when it comes to the locking mechanisms on your property.

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Can a Smart Lock be Paired with an Old Existing Deadbolt?

March 22, 2019

Making sure that your home is safe and secure is obviously going to be a priority. Whether you are looking to secure your condo or your own private home, smart locks provide a viable solution.

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Avoid DIY Locksmithing Mistakes: Hire a Professional

March 8, 2019

Making sure that your property is secure can be one of the toughest tasks that you undertake. The reason? It seems so simple to install and maintain your own locks that you can frequently end up making serious mistakes.

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Ask a Professional Locksmith: How to Maintain the Quality of an Antique Door Lock

February 26, 2019

If you are lucky enough to own a home with antique features, youll likely want to make sure that you keep them in good shape. One of the most common questions that we get asked pertains to maintaining antique door locks.

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2019 Business Security Locking Systems: Why Should You Upgrade?

February 14, 2019

When it comes to running your business, there is precious little that is more important than ensuring the security of your building and everything inside of it.

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Company Locking Systems: The Importance of Reliable Lock Installation

January 31, 2019

Whether you own a small shop or a massive industrial warehouse, making sure that your property is safe and secure has to be one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, there are people out there in life who would love to take advantage of buildings that are not properly protected.

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Smart Lock Technology and Why You Should Have It Installed

January 15, 2019

The idea of someone breaking into your home can be absolutely devastating. Is there anything more invasive, more perverse, than a criminal who disregards your privacy in order to harm or take what is yours?

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