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FAQ: What are the Features of a Smart Door Lock?

May 1, 2019

Home security has always been an important topic. When you own a home, you are personally in charge of maintaining the safety of what is inside. Unfortunately, home security can be complicated due to the fact that there are so many ways you can implement security features. One of the simplest ways to improve your home's security is by installing a smart door lock. Smart door locks are relatively new to the residential world, but they are making a huge difference. Today, we are going to be outlining the key features that you'll want to find in your next smart door lock.

Features of a Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are interesting pieces of technology. These locks are installed in place of your traditional door lock, or in addition, and they seek to maximise your security. Additionally, smart door locks can provide your household with a host of beneficial features that work together to ensure that your privacy is never breached. There are countless smart locks available for purchase, but there are a few routine benefits that you should make sure to embrace. Let's outline a few key features that every new smart door lock should have.

1) Smart Phone Connectivity - A modern smart door lock should be able to easily work with your smartphone. Smartphone connectivity is a feature that every door lock should incorporate. With a smartphone application, you'll be able to lock/unlock your door, change any keycode, and upgrade any other security settings at will. Make sure that your smart door lock is compatible with your smartphone before making a purchase.

2) Biometric Lockdown - Biometrics used to be relegated to the latest 'Bond' film. Now, biometric features are being incorporated in smart door locks throughout the world. Biometrics are all about keeping your door locked with a security feature that is impossible to duplicate: your body. Whether you use an ocular scanner or a fingerprint scanner, biometrics can help to keep your property secure. There are other biometric options such as voice control or hand geometry.

3) Built-In Alarm - Finally, your smart door lock should also feature a built-in alarm system for when your security is breached. Your secure smart door lock can also possess an audible alarm that simultaneously dials the local law enforcement. A smart door lock embodies both a security system and a simple locking mechanism into one modern tool.

Don't take your home's security for granted any longer. Call on our team at Glenferrie Locksmiths in order to discuss the benefits of a new smart door lock installation.

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