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Is Your Front Door at Risk of a Break-in? Have it Checked by Professional Locksmiths

December 13, 2019

Believe it or not, break-ins can happen to any household. As a homeowner, however, you can put precautionary measures to prevent any possible successful break-ins. You might have installed a lot of CCTV cameras around the place to monitor the behaviour of some suspicious-looking people. You might have also installed a security alarm system that can notify you when forced unauthorised entry is detected. 

All these security systems are recommended especially for homeowners who have a large property. Despite these systems, break-ins can still happen and will happen if you don’t check the integrity and status of your security systems. Moreover, any vulnerability found on your doors, especially your front door, can already compromise the capabilities of your entire security systems. There are instances where a burglar can smoothly enter and exit your premises once your front door is destroyed. 

What are the Signs of an Unsecured Front Door?

To determine if your front door is at risk of a break-in, then look out for these signs as you and professional locksmiths check it. 

  • Rusty Components:Rust can be your enemy when the deadbolt or locks of your door is made from metal. If you are using them for a long time now, there is a high chance that some parts of them are now full of rust. Rusty components are easy to break, so do yourself a favour and replace them immediately.
  • Key Duplicates:If you just moved in on your new property. It is a must that you replace the locks of your doors right away. This replacement is a must since the old owner of your property may still have the key to your home. You’ll never know the true colours and intentions of the previous owners.
  • Exposed Door Hinges:One easy way for burglars to come to your house is by manipulating your door hinges. Door hinges that are exposed mean that your door swing in an outward direction, making your front door more vulnerable for break-ins. 

What can Professional Locksmiths Do?

One way to secure your front door, as well as other doors found on your property, is by installing high-quality locks and deadbolts. Professional locksmiths know the best lock according to your preference. Some of you might want to go digital and utilise technology as a way to secure the property. Digital locking technology maximises the use of keyless locks to make sure that the door won’t be picked easily. Fingerprint, pin code, and passwords are only a few options in unlocking keyless door locks.

If you are one of the homeowners who still prefer the traditional ones, professional locksmiths can still recommend you the best among the rest. Some companies have produced deadbolt and doorknobs with sophisticated locking/unlocking mechanism. Some of these are very difficult to pick and are made from durable materials.

As for your front door, professional locksmiths can determine if the lock can hold on to the build material of your front door. Of course, some burglars may think of just kicking the door to enter the house. The professional locksmiths ensure that your chosen locking mechanism suits your door material.

With the help of professional locksmiths, you are ensured that your front door can prevent any burglars from attempting to enter your home. If you want to know more about what they can offer, contact us now at Glenferrie Locksmiths. 

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