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What is a Master Key System and Its Importance in a Commercial Space?

March 15, 2021

A commercial restricted master key system is the best way for property owners and managers to secure keys, by distributing them in a way that these cannot be duplicated without authorisation. This is possible because each key in such a system is given its own unique identification code, permanently and clearly stamp on it.Restricted keying systems allows management to better control the people who can access specific areas of their buildings and properties, and these can be designed and customised to meet very specialised needs.

When is a Master Key System Needed?

Companies that do not know how many keys they have issued, or don’t know who currently possess those keys, absolutely needs a master key system. This is especially true if there is no accountability, control, or records over who can copy or duplicate a company’s keys.

Whether it is a large-scale commercial complex, a single building, or a storage yard, a professional locksmith can create restricted keys and a master key system that will put you in total control of key management, ensuring that all keys are accounted for and cannot be duplicated without written authorisation.

Restricted keys cannot be copied without your permission, but they can be made to provide secure access to multiple entry points and areas within various buildings, using a master key system. A master key system is extremely versatile, as just one key can be designed to open up to 5000 different locks, perfect for use in commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, factories, office buildings, industrial plants, and restaurants.When combining restricted keys with a master key system, commercial buildings can eliminate the risk of unauthorised key duplicating and illegal entry.

The Importance of Commercial Restricted Master Key Systems

Securing commercial buildings, by restricting access to authorised personnel only, is a priority because important documents, assets, materials, equipment, tools, data, and cash need to be protected from theft. While locks are effective at regulating or limiting access to certain areas of commercial properties, unauthorised access can still be obtained with the use of duplicate keys.

In fact, unauthorised key duplication accounts for 40% of all illegal entries into commercial buildings and storage areas. It’s true, keys can be duplicated without the knowledge of property owners and managers, putting commercial buildings and everything in them at risk. Fortunately, professional locksmiths know how to prevent this from becoming a problem by creating a commercial restricted master key system.

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