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5 Door Lock Problems that You Must Not Ignore

May 11, 2021

To ensure the security of properties, property owners should make sure that their door locks will be functional all the time. Additionally, door locks must be checked and maintained regularly so that any issues or problems can be resolved before they could cause more troubles in the future.

After all, door lock problems can weaken the overall security and safety of all people inside the affected properties. They can likewise risk the occurrence of property damages, missing assets, and other issues that can only be done by intruders and burglars. Given these consequences, property owners should truly prioritise their locks and do everything just to keep their properties safe and secured.

Loose Locks and Handles

Door locks, doorknobs and door handles should all be intact so that intruders cannot access them right away. However, if some of these components start to loosen up and eventually fall apart, then expect them to cause some more problems. Loose door locks, doorknobs, and door handles are usually caused by extended periods of usage. And as these problems arise, the chance of getting locked out of the property gets higher. Loose door components can also make a property vulnerable against break-ins.

Broken Locks and Handles

To fix this specific problem, property owners may want to check first if the screws are tightened. However, if the screws and door components are already broken, then they may want to replace them with new ones. At this point, they can contact a professional locksmith for proper installation.

Jammed Locks

Jammed locks and latches can cause troubles to properties, especially when it comes to the overall security and protection of the property. They often happen whenever there is a build-up of debris inside these components. With the continuous accumulation of the debris, it can ultimately clog the internal parts of the locks and latches. Broken locks and latches can also cause jamming.

To fixed jammed locks and latches, property owners should look for any signs of debris build-up. Once it is located, they should now clean the keyway and remove all dirt and obstructions inside the locks and latches. The application of lubricant can easily remove debris build-up and fix the locks right away. Replacement of locks and latches, alternatively, must be done if there are no signs of debris.

Misaligned Components

Another common lock problem that affects a lot of properties is the occurrence of misaligned locks. Locks that are misaligned normally have components that are not lined up properly, which hampers their ability to perform door core functions. Some of the components that are usually involved in this type of problem include the latch and the locking bolt. Misaligned locks may happen if the door locks are not installed properly. Warping of doors and door frames can also result in misaligned locks.

Fortunately, misaligned locks are easy to fix. Property owners can tighten the screws in the hinges so that the door can be adjusted to the correct height and configuration. Alternatively, they can adjust the alignment of the strike plate so it can line up properly with the latch or door lock bolt.

Old Locks

If you want to take control of your old home but you aren't ready to jump toward smart or keyless locks, you can have your entire property rekeyed. Rekeying your locks is a simple process that a reputable locksmith can tackle for you. Rekeying a lock involves changing the internal components around rather than replacing the entire system.

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