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Why Rekeying Should not be Taken for Granted in Offices

August 22, 2019

When you work in an office, security should obviously be a priority. After all, the average office has to handle delicate materials, sensitive documents, and private information, not to mention the possible inclusion of cash on the property. In order to properly secure your office building while retaining flexibility, you should consider ordering rekeying services from a reputable locksmith. If you own an office or have moved into a new building recently, you should keep on reading. Today, we are going to analyse the tangible benefits that rekeying services can have for your office building.

Importance of Rekeying Your Office

When we talk about locks, what we are really talking about are keys. Your lock, after all, is only as effective as the key that can open it. As one of the core components of your business security, you need to make sure that you have maximised the impact that your locks have on your building. If you are new to the building, you might not know who has had keys before you. If you've never had the locks adjusted, you might have a glaring security flaw that could lead to serious problems. While replacing all of your locks can be cost-prohibitive, having your locks rekeyed is an altogether different process. Here are the reasons why YOU need to rekey your office building, today.

1) Affordability - First and foremost, rekeying your locks is significantly cheaper than having all of your locks replaced. Why is this the case? Well, when your locks are rekeyed, the whole unit isn't replaced. Instead of installing an entirely new lock, the tumbler inside of your loc lock cylinder is adjusted. It's really that simple. If you have many office doors, cabinets, or drawers that need to be corrected, rekeying can save you a ton of money.

2) Enhanced Security - As soon as you rekey your locks, you are the only one who can access them. By simply rekeying your office locks, you effectively cut off any old keys that might still be floating around in the world. Consider all of the people who might still have a key to your office. What about old tenants? Old employees? Old building owners? You simply cannot know who has a key to your building until you rekey your security system.

Don't wait for a security problem to manifest. Be proactive with the security in your office building and schedule an appointment with a reputable locksmith. Once you have your locks rekeyed, you'll be able to sit comfortably knowing that you've done everything you can to secure your building!

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