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Understand the Latest Locking System Solutions and the Reasons Why You Need One

November 5, 2019

For a long time, the use of locks with physical keys is evident since it is the traditional way of securing one’s home or commercial property. However, a lot of burglary and break-in cases are reported every day with the culprit being a picked or destroyed lock.

This is the reason why locksmith companies have opted to create new versions of locking system solutions. Even if there are tons of lock type variation, all the latest locking system guarantee enhanced security that is long-lasting and flawlessly works with the advancement of technology.

How do the latest locking system solutions work?

Understanding how the latest locking system solutions work is pretty straightforward. Some locking solutions are just like the old ones, with some being the evolved iteration of traditional locks. In fact, you still have the physical keys for you to lock and unlock your properties. This time, however, you are given an option to add security pins or passwords, fingerprint, and other authentication method. You can even make the deadbolt longer, use longer screws when installing the lock, and many others.

With keys on mind, one notable example of the latest locking system solution is the use of restricted key system. Compared to traditional locks, restricted key systems can give you higher level of security since it is harder for anyone to pick the lock. If you own numerous locks, this kind of system can give you access to a master key system. This means that your master key can unlock different locks as long as they are configured to the system.

Going keyless, another latest locking system solution is the use of smart locks. Smart locks integrate the use of your smartphone when entering and leaving your properties. With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, all you have to do is to tap on the app of your smart lock to access, monitor, and secure the condition of your home or office. Your biometric measures can also be used as an alternative to the app. You can also be notified when someone attempts to enter your house.

Why do you need to have the latest locking system solutions?

Aside from the fact that the latest locking system solutions can help you find security all throughout the day, here are some of the reasons why the latest system is ideal for your home, office, and factories.

Convenience - With the latest locking systems, keys place only a minor role to the entire security of your properties. By installing the app complemented with your new lock, you are able to access your home more easily. You don’t even have to bring some keys around.

Appearance - Technology can be an added enhancement to your properties. By upgrading to smart locks and other latest locking systems, you can give your home or office a new and modern vibe.

Better Security - Since you don’t need to have a duplicate key for this locking system, you have the full control of who gets to enter your property. You can allow a friend enter your house through the app, or lock the door remotely if you forgot to do so upon leaving the house.

Don’t wait for burglars to enter your properties, since it is not yet late to secure your property with the latest locking system solutions. If you consider upgrading, Glenferrie Locksmiths can help you map and arrange all the possible locking solutions and locksmith services to compliment your needs at home, office, or factory.

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