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Commercial Locksmith in Melbourne: Professional Keying Services for All Commercial Needs

February 14, 2018

To ensure that your business location is as secure as possible, you need to hire a commercial locksmith in Melbourne. We state this since companies have complex lock and key needs in comparison to homeowners. Only a professional who specialises in providing these elements for various businesses will understand the best solution for your company. Also, this type of locksmith will offer a wide assortment of keying services from standard to grand master key systems, along with re-keying and new key services. Our company, Glenferrie Locksmiths is the place to come for professional keying services in this area of Australia.

We Have Years of Experience in Our Industry

Glenferrie Locksmiths have been in business for over 30 years here in Melbourne, Australia. In this time, we have perfected our skills at providing the best lock and keying services to all of our clients. We even will help you determine the best type of lock and key systems for your specific establishment.

Our Company Provides Quality Solutions to Address Your Lock and Key Needs

When you turn to us for your keying needs, you will receive quality solutions. Also, we stay up with the latest innovations in order to offer the best and most current solutions to fulfil your needs. All lock parts, keys and other elements will stand up over time with normal daily use. Your building will be as secure as possible as a result of our materials, products and workmanship.

Glenferrie Locksmiths Specialises in a Variety of Professional Keying Services

Our company specialises in a variety of professional keying services, including the following:

  1. Standard keying systems
  2. Restricted keying systems, such as:
    • Grand Master keying systems
    • Master keying system
    • Sub-masters for the Master and Grand Master keying systems
  3. Lock re-keying
  4. Issuance of replacement keys

We Deliver Our Services to a Wide Assortment of Clients

Our client base has grown substantially over the years and includes:

  • Domestic customers, whether they are homeowners or apartment dwellers. These clients typically have standard keying needs.
  • Offices that range from realty ones to medical ones. They may require simple or complex keying services depending upon their setups.
  • Manufacturers and other factory-type businesses also hire our services on a regular basis. Usually, these types of businesses require complex keying solutions.

To learn additional details of our services, contact us directly or browse through our website. You can leave us a message on the website or email us if you do not wish to call us on the phone. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services, materials, products and workmanship.

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