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Lock Rekeying versus Lock Replacement: What Do You Really Need?

November 21, 2018

Whether you are moving into a new home or firing an employee from your place of business, paying attention to security is absolutely imperative. With that being said, one of the easiest ways to make your property insecure is by ignoring the locks that you currently have installed. We're not talking about locks potentially breaking over time. Instead, we're more worried about the wrong people having access to your property due to lapses in security. You can fight back against these security problems by either re-keying or replacing your locks. Let's break down the concept of rekeying versus replacing your locks so that you can know which is right for you.

Rekeying versus Lock Replacement

When you install a set of locks onto your property, you aren't setting something up that will be left alone forever. Imagine buying a home. When you purchase the home, your first thought should be to have all of the locks on the building replaced. After all, unless the property is new then there is no way of knowing who has copies of your key. The same can be said for running a business. How many ex-employees have access keys to the building? At this point you realise the importance of keeping your locks secure, yet do you opt to rekey the locks or replace them all entirely?

  1. Rekeying Lock Process - When you opt to rekey a lock, you are going through a process that will make your locks secured and unique. When you rekey a lock with a professional locksmith, you'll have your tumblers, or key pins, completely replaced and re-arranged. By rekeying your locks, you render all old keys unusable.
    • Rekeying Lock Benefits - By opting to rekey your locks rather than replace them outright, you get to keep all of your old locking mechanisms. If you like the security hardware that you have, this is a quick and less invasive process than having your entire locking system replaced. You can even rekey your locks if you simply lost your own key and want to be safe rather than sorry.
  2. Replacing Lock Process - The process of replacing your locks is simple. Call up a professional locksmith in order to have your locks completely uninstalled and replaced by new hardware.
    • Replacing Lock Benefits - If you live in an older home or run a business out of an older property, you might have locks that don't match up with one another. By replacing all of your locks you can get your system straightened out with ease. This is a more intensive process but it is also the more secure option.

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