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Most Common Types of Door Locks

January 30, 2018

The are many kinds of doors, each have their own uses, and there are also various types of locks that can be used with them. In fact, nearly every door in commercial buildings and homes have a door lock on them.

While there are many types of locks to choose from, there are ones that work best in residential buildings and others that are better suited for commercial settings. Knowing the most common types of door locks available will help you to pick the right one for your home or business.

Below are the most common types of door locks available today:

Deadbolt door lock – this is the most common type of door lock used on entry doors, and it is effectively used to protect all types of commercial and residential doors. Strong, reliable, and cost effective, deadbolts provide the protection people need against forced entry attempts. These have metal a bolt that slides into a door jam, which are controlled by a keyhole on the outside of the lock and a latch that is mounted on the inside side of the door.

Knob type door locks – these are also one of the most common types of locks and are typically used along with deadbolt locks on front doors, garage doors, patio doors, and bedroom doors. With knobs on both sides, the outside knob has a key hole and the inside knob allows a person to lock or unlock the door without a key, using a twist or push button. Because knob type door locks can be forcibly manipulated easier than other lock types, dead bolt locks are often used with them.

Lever handle door locks – these are now becoming the choice type of lock for interior doors in commercial buildings, as they are easy to use, ideal for those who may have a handicap or difficulty using their hands, and, they are more stylish than other lock designs. These types of lock typically do not have a keyhole on the outside of the door, but do have a twist or push button to lock the door from the inside.

Keyless entry door locks – these are electronically controlled locks that function in the same way as deadbolts, but instead of using a physical key to open the lock, a number pad is used to enter a security code. Once the security code is entered, the electronic lock will slide the bolt out of the door jamb to open the door. More and more people are choosing keypad door locks because they eliminate having to use a physical key.

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