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Moving to a New Facility: Why Businesses Should Consider Factory Rekeying

April 13, 2018

Running a business is an incredibly tough job and it only gets more difficult when you have to relocate to a new facility. On a new premises, with a brand new building as your base of operations, you are going to go through some growing pains. However, lax security should never be considered a regular part of the 'growing pain' process. Instead, we heavily advocate for businesses to consider hiring out the services of a professional locksmith to go about rekeying the entire premises of their new location -- be it a factory, warehouse, or storefront. Today, we are going to focus on factory rekeying and why businesses should keep it in consideration when moving to a new facility.

The Importance of Factory Rekeying

When you operate a business there are a few key aspects that you are going to be absolutely focused on: profit, customer satisfaction, and safety. Your business is worth more than just the items you have in your factory or warehouse, it is worth all of the employees that clock in for you on a daily basis. You owe it to everyone to make sure that your factory premises are as safe and secure as possible and this is where factory rekeying comes into play.

When you move to a new location there is no way to know exactly who has access to your building. While we're sure that most landlords act in good faith when they say that all previous keys were collected, there's no way to know if prior tenants went ahead and copied the key of their own accord. This leads to a security issue and a security issue is the last thing that a burgeoning business and a busy factory need to contend with. So, what is the solution here? Simply put, the only real solution is to pursue a complete rekeying of the entire factory. Here are a few benefits of approaching your business with this idea:

  1. Safety and Security - Once all locks have been replaced and reset, you own direct access to who can come and go on the premises. There is no more worrying about how many keys are floating around in the outside world.
  2. Peace of Mind - Knowing that you control all access points will not only make your building safer, it will also give you important peace of mind. This means that people who had worked before on the same factory will be prevented from accessing premises that no longer belongs to them.
  3. Control of Key Handlers and Keepers – Not everyone can have every key in the factory, but with every locks rekeyed, you will have an audit of whoever has access and whoever is responsible for which and what door.

At Glenferrie Locksmiths, we make it our business to supply you with the services needed to run a tight ship that is safe and secure. If you are interested in rekeying your factory or commercial property, reach out today and we'll be ready to help you out.

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