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Restricted and Specialised Key System for Offices

August 30, 2017


The best professional locksmiths today are trained and certified to provide registered, restricted key systems for both residences and business locations. These experts can also rekey locks if needed. Whether you need a restricted key system for a single home or apartment building or for a high-rise commercial complex, your top-quality locksmiths can customise a special key system to meet your specific preferences and needs. Once your unique key system is installed, your home, office building or other commercial facility will be protected by optimum security measures. Your keys will not be copied unless you grant authorisation for them to be duplicated. In addition, your residential or business premises will only be entered by the individuals you have authorised to enter.

Major Advantages of Restricted and Specialised Key Systems for Offices

The main advantages and benefits offered by restricted and specialised office key systems include the following:

  • Pick-Resistant Locks. - Modern restricted key systems for both residential and business locations are strongly resistant to picking or jamming, due to their unique patented design. Use of other keys or tools will not help intruders gain entry to your living or office space, which provides high levels of safety for your personal belongings or business property.
  • Patented and Registered Keyway. - This registered key system prohibits anyone other than you and the individuals you authorise to make duplicates of your key blanks before the year 2026. Even at that time, making a duplicate key would be illegal. This is very helpful to households that have frequent visitors and large office complexes with many different companies occupying floors and offices.
  • Customised Lock Configurations. - The latest restricted key systems offer the convenience and safety of customised lock configurations. Each key has the capacity to open a different series of locks, as needed. This will allow each key to open the front door of an office or apartment building as well as the office or apartment of a specific employee, tenant or property owner.

By contacting Glenferrie Locksmiths, providing service to Melbourne and surrounding areas for over 30 years, you will receive expert advice and installation of your new restricted and specialised key system for your home or office premises. This top quality company offers only the best grade of advanced key systems on the market today to ensure the security of offices and buildings of all sizes, as well as individual homes and apartment complexes. This company's hi-tech security solutions will give you the gift of complete security and total peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on your business or home life without worries about unauthorised entry into your home or business property by intruders. Contact these top-tier professional locksmiths today for ultimate levels of security to protect all areas of your home or office property today.

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