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Restricted Key Systems: A Beneficial Key Control for Business Owners

May 30, 2018

If you run a business then the odds are pretty good that you would like to keep your business safe and secure. When it comes to keeping your business locked up and secured, there are few places better to start than with your locking system. While most people will look at their deadbolt lock and think that this is the end of the discussion, it really shouldn't be. More and more people are beginning to learn about restricted key systems and the benefits that come with the security setups. Today, we're going to take a moment to showcase to you the benefits that a restricted key system can have for your business!

Restricted Key Systems - Key Control for Business

Keeping your shop locked up and secure is a pretty important task. Typically, only a few important people will have a key to the building. As long as you trust those individuals, nothing should be a miss. However, once the second key to your building has left your hands, there is no controlling what happens next. It is easier than ever for people to get copies of keys made and then suddenly you have no idea just WHO has a key to your shop. That's a scary feeling! With restricted key systems, you get to take control over the entrance of your building in an important way. What are restricted key systems? How can they benefit you?

A restricted key system is pretty much exactly what the named describes. With restricted key systems, all of your key copies are connected via a registration code. Each key that is copied gets logged and these keys can only get copied with explicit authorisation. Sounds simple, right? Security doesn't HAVE to be difficult and restricted key systems make it all the more clear. Here are additional benefits to the restricted key system so that you can see them all laid out before you.

  1. Secured Locks - With a restricted key system, your locks are going to be more secure than ever. Restricted key systems are beholden to special security blanks that can only be copied by reputable locksmiths, like Glenferrie Lock & Key.
  2. Access Control - With a registration/authorisation system in place, you get to effectively control the access point of your business. Nobody can steal a key from your manager or partner and simply make a copy to waltz right in.

Restricted key systems are excellent for your peace of mind and the security of your home. Take some time to talk to a professional locksmith in order to see if they are the right system for you.

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