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What are the Advantages of Installing Electronic Smart Door Locks?

November 23, 2020

To date, there are numerous types of door locks that property owners can choose from. Knob locks are known to be the most common type of door locks, providing properties with a basic level of security. Deadbolt locks, alternatively, can easily provide the best property protection against attempts of burglary. These conventional types of door locks are still common on properties today.

However, with the continuous evolution of electronic devices, some types of door locks are now integrated with smart technology. Several electronic smart door locks can even surpass the level of safety and security that the conventional door locks can offer. Electronic smart door locks somehow share some similarities with the conventional ones. But one defining quality that makes electronic smart door locks unique is that they can only be locked and unlocked once a correct electronic input is detected.

Installing electronic smart door locks in your property can easily provide you with tons of advantages.

Convenience and Accessibility

What is great about electronic smart door locks is that they do not usually rely on keys just to open them. Therefore, you do not have to bring any key or get locked out once you forgot to bring it with you. Some locks would only require certain personal security access such as pin, password, fingerprint, and security cards for them to be locked and unlocked. Others can even be opened and closed through a smartphone app. And since these unlocking methods only take a few seconds, most smart door locks can also open and close very quickly. The possibility of electronic smart door locks is endless.

Guaranteed Safety and Security

The accessibility of electronic smart door locks can only be enjoyed by the owner of the property. For homes, the access for these doors would only involve around family members. For commercial buildings, alternatively, lock access can only be granted to authorised personnel and management. Safety and security with these door locks are guaranteed since they can only be accessed by authorised people. Any unauthorised attempt of unlocking the door can be easily detected through notifications and alarms. And even without the alarms, picking these locks can be difficult as their digital encryption cannot be broken.

Increased Overall Connectivity

As mentioned earlier, the evolution of electronic devices continues as time passes by. With electronic smart door locks, you can easily integrate them with other security solutions, which help boost your overall access to your property security. Additionally, you can easily pinpoint and locate areas that may be vulnerable to burglary threats. Locking and unlocking the door remotely are also possible since most of these modern locks are connected to the internet through a secure server. Modifying the set of people who get to unlock or lock your door can also be done remotely.

Installing electronic smart door locks can bring more features and advantages to your property. To know more about them, just give us a call at Glenferrie Locksmiths.

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