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Why Do Electronic Door Locks Continue to Be Popular in Homes and Businesses?

July 14, 2020

Homeowners and business owners install hefty security measures and solutions on their respective homes and business facilities right away to make everything safe and secure. They install different security measures so that any attempts of burglary will be prevented. Aside from safety and security, these property owners would also install security solutions that are convenient and versatile so that any hassle and difficulties will be lessened significantly.

For a very long time, basic pin-and-tumbler doors locks have been phenomenal in offering safety and security against burglars and intruders. However, the continuous evolution of technology has pushed them aside to pave the way to the growth of the newer generation of locks. While they can still provide adequate safety and protection against harmful elements, these conventional locks do not offer the same convenience and enhanced security that are both present with the modern generation of locks.

One type of lock that is now becoming popular in most homes and businesses is electronic door locks. These locks are now utilised by a lot of property owners due to the following reasons:

Easier Installation Requirements

Electronic locks were not fully embraced by lock companies before since their installation, repairs, and maintenance all require special training and that their whole principles involve a lot of familiarisation and adjustments. But as the times pass by, electronic locks have become so much common that almost all homes and businesses are installed with these locks. These new locks now have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances that can easily match the needs of a property. The requirements of their installation and repairs, as well as the accompanying expenses, have also been eased significantly.

Broader Set of Security Features

Conventional locks can only be accessed with a key. While it is truly secure, the lack of any more options and added types of integration with these locks make them somewhat old-fashioned. Electronic locks, on the other hand, can be combined with a management program that ties in with other security solutions available in a property. This program can be also accessed remotely through software or an app, making it possible for property owners to check and lock specific facilities even if they are not within the vicinity. Locking and unlocking doors remotely are just plain impossible with conventional locks.

Greater Control Over Door Locks

Aside from locking and unlocking the doors, the apps for electronic locks can also register the credentials of the people who can enter the building through smart cards, access wristbands, or fingerprints. This accessibility feature can be helpful for family members who are always going in and out of their homes. As for commercial facilities, this feature helps employees get into certain parts of the building without bothering the business owner with door access. The need to change the lock when someone lost their card or any other door access is also avoided since you can easily revoke them and register a new one.

Having electronic locks in your home, office, or other facilities can help your property attain greater security and safety. For electronic lock installations and other services, feel free to contact us at Glenferrie Locksmiths.

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