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Why High-tech Security Locks Matter for Temporarily Closed Businesses During Covid19 Pandemic

October 22, 2020

With fewer people that are willing to go outside their respective homes, more and more businesses are temporarily halting their operations to hopefully cut their overall losses. Temporarily closing the businesses is a small price to pay just to ensure that they do not incur more losses and keep everyone safe. Doing this can also help them operate again as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is gone. After all, risking one’s health can be truly dangerous and can just harm the nearby and surrounding communities.

While businesses and establishments will be closed, the locks and security systems of these places must still work during these trying times. They must be able to sustain their key security functions, especially when it comes to preventing intruders from entering the premises and avoiding the loss of property possessions. However, if you are still using some conventional or old locks, then you may want to incorporate high-tech security locks as they can bring you the following helpful benefits.

Enhanced Overall Security

One prominent benefit of high-tech security locks among businesses is that they can significantly enhance the security of business properties. This type of locks is normally equipped with locking mechanisms that can only respond to a special type of access. Additionally, the overall chassis or housing of these locks are made from durable materials that cannot be drilled and destroyed easily. Given these features, it would be truly difficult for anyone to enter the premises of the business without getting the correct key. Only a professional and reliable locksmith can open these types of locks.

Streamlined Key Systems

Some businesses have employees who are doing some suspicious activities within the vicinity of their establishments. And even though some of them are intended to be closed temporarily, some employees might attempt to enter them through some illegally obtained spare keys. This specific scenario can be easily avoided with high-tech security locks as they do not allow any unauthorised copying or duplication of the keys. The keys provided for these locks are likewise patented. The only way these keys can be copied is to go back to the locksmith that has designed the keys and the key system. But without any consent, the only person who has sole access to the locks would be the business owner.

Improved Monitoring Ability

With the ongoing global health crisis, the ability to monitor and check the security of the actual properties can be truly difficult. Fortunately, high-tech security locks can easily monitor the situation and condition of the locks remotely. Most security locks that are branded as high-tech can be connected to a server, which can easily send data to a smartphone or a computer regarding the status of the locks. Even the lock or unlock function of these locks can be controlled seamlessly with these smart devices. And if ever there are some attempts of invasion and tampering of locks, it can easily send a notification to the devices.

If you want to install some high-tech security locks on your business, feel free to give us a call at Glenferrie Locksmiths. We specialise in helping businesses and residents secure their premises with high-end security systems, providing hi-tech solutions to age-old problems.

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